Candidate has experience of 10 years in oracle dba and postgres. Below are the questions asked .

First round:

oracle dba question

  • What happens during hot backup?
  •  Why hot backup generates lot of redo?
  •  Different between small file tablespace and big file tablespace . Can pros and cons of both type of tablespace?
  •  Cconfigure controlfile autobackup on- what is the use and is it mandatory?
  •  Can I drop the controlfile of asm instance
  •  How asm interacts with database
  •  How I improve the i/o performance between asm and database instance
  •  Different between expired and obsolete
  •  What is partition pruning?
  •  Can I restore a database from obsolete backup?
  •  Difference between retention 7 days and recovery window 7 days
  •  What it the role backgrond process LMON?
  •  What is i/o fencing
  •  How can u find the master nodes in oracle RAC
  •  Between raw device and asm , whose performance is better
  •  Can I have disks of different sizes in a diskgroup
  •  What is the minimum number of diskgroups in rac and why ?
  •  User is complaing that he is getting block sessoion in RAC, but when we checked by connecting to that instance, then you don’t see any blocking session. Even the sid is also not available, What could be the issue
  •  What g stands in gv$sqll
  •  Different paramters in Asm instance
  •  What is hugepages and how it is related to RAC?
  •  What is the default pagesize in linux
  •  Where can you find the oratab entry in sun solaris.
  •  Can I move the oratab entry to /etc/oratab
  •  What is ACMS?
  •  Are you aware of hangcheck?
  •  How comfortable you are with shell scripting?
  •  Yesterday RMAN backup ran for 10 min , But today it is taking more than 1 hour and it is still running. Note – databaese size is same, And load is normal.
  •  Do you know what is hangcheck timer
  •  What is load balancing advisory?

Postgres question:

  • What is ctid in postgres
  •  I want to rebuild all the indexes in postgres, How can I do?
  •  How can we reset the password in postgres?
  •  How can u check the version in postgres
  •  Explain datatypes in postgres
  •  What type of querying language postgres support?
  •  What is the latest postgres version. And which postgres version currently you are using?
  •  Which tools you use to manager and monitor postgres
  •  Compare postgres and oracle
  •  While dropping a database in postgres, I am getting error and unable to drop. What could be the issue?


2nd round:

Candiate didn’t receive any confirmation regarding the 2nd round of techno-managerial interview. Most likely candidate got rejected by the panel in the 1st round.



NOTE – > Some of the answers you can find in our interview qa section.