Generate custom report from OEM cloud control

REPORTING module can be used in oem cloud control to generate custom reports like , database status report of all target databases. Repository database contains all the target details and metric information . So best way is to run query against the repository database. Here we have provided steps for generating database consolidation report ENTERPRISE […]

Apply database patch from OEM Cloud control

With help of OEM cloud control, we can apply patch on multiple databases easily. No need to download the patch and copy that to the database server, OEM will download the patch if require and do the rest of patching activities. Below are the steps for applying patch using OEM Cloud control. ENTERPRISE – > […]

EMCLI command – OEM 12C

EMCLI – Enterprise Command Line Interface . Though Managing OEM cloud control from GUI is easy. Few people like to use emcli command line tool. Here i have listed few useful commands.   1. Login to syman



For listing only the oracle_database […]

Change dbsnmp password for target db in oem 12c

  Update_db_password command can be used to updates DBNSMP password of the target in the Enterprise Manager Credential sub-system and change the password on the target database as well. The command need to be run from OMS home. SYNTAX:

For standalone database:(TESTDB) 1. login to sysman user in OMS

2. Check the target staus:


Upgrade database using OEM 12C cloud control

 We can upgrade an oracle database using OEM 12c cloud control also.  Here I will show how to upgrade database from to .  Note – Make sure that ORACLE_HOME is installed.  SOURCE ORACLE_HOME( – /oracle/app/oracle/product/12.1.0 TARGET ORACLE_HOME(  – /oracle/app/oracle/product/   Enable Flashback: Before starting the upgrade, Enable flashback in the database, so […]

Deinstall Management Agents Oracle 12c cloud control

           Below are the steps for Deinstall/Decomission Management Agents in oracle 12c cloud control.   Shutdown the Agent: SETUP – > MANAGE CLOUD CONTROL -> AGENTS    Select the HOST and click on SHUT DOWN     Decommission Agent: Go to the Home page of the target host AGENT  – > […]

Add database as target oracle 12c cloud control

                             Once agents are deployed on target host, you can add the database and listeners  residing on the target host for monitoring by cloud control.   If you haven’t deployed Agents yet, click here First we need to configure Auto Discover the […]

Blackout targets in OEM 12c cloud control

  Before any planned outage on the target database or hot , we need to create blackout for that target, to avoid incident alerts. Blackouts allow Enterprise Manager Administrators to suspend all data collection activity.   ORACLE DATABASE – > MONITORING – > BLACKOUTS   Select the databases or services  which want to include in […]

Install oracle enterprise manager cloud control 12c

                          Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud control 12c Architecture Oracle enterprise Manager Cloud control 12c is used for managing and monitoring multiple oracle database and related targets from a single console.Although Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is viewed as single entity, It has below components. […]

How to change sysman password for oracle 12c cloud control

     Below are the steps for changing the sysman password for oracle 12c cloud control. 1. update the passwordn using emctl config   syntax –  ./emctl config oms -change_repos_pwd -use_sys_pwd -sys_pwd <sys password>  -new_pwd < new sysman password> 

2. Stop the OMS

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