How to Downgrade oracle 19C Grid to 12C GRID

In the pervious article we have explained the STEPS FOR GRID UGPRADE FROM 12C TO 19C. Now We will explain the steps for downgrade oracle 19c 2 node GRID to oracle GRID. ENVIRONMENT DETAILS: 2 NODES – dbhost1 and dbhost2 Grid owner – oracle 19C ORACLE_HOME(current) – > /sharearea/crs/grid19c 12C ORACLE_HOME (old) -> /crs/app/oracle/product/grid12c […]

Clone a database using dbca command in oracle 19c -New feature

In oracle 19c, there is a new feature of duplicate/cloning an oracle database using dbca with simple and one line command. With this command, we need need to setup listener or pfile manually. All will be taken care by the the dbca duplicate command. In the below example, we will clone the primary database ILTST19C […]

Steps for upgrading oracle database to 19c using DBUA

Database upgrade can be performed either using manual or DBUA. Below are the steps for upgrading oracle database from oracle 12c to 19c version using DBUA. Important points: Direct upgrade to 19  can be performed from,, & 18c . Compatible parameter should be at minimum 11.2.0 Post upgrade , oracle default accounts ( whose […]

Upgrade grid infrastructure to 19C oracle

The latest oracle version is oracle 19C . In the below article we will explain the steps for upgrading grid infrastructure to 19c from oracle 12c  . The upgrade will be done in rolling mode. Current configuration – > No of nodes – 2 node current version – os platform – Solaris grid owner […]