Shell script to monitor lag in standby datbase using dgmgrl

Below script is helpful in monitoring lag in standby database and send mail to DBAs in case the lag is increasing. For the script to work, make sure dataguard broker is enabled between primary and standby database.   SEE DGBROKER ARTICLE:  How to setup dgbroker in oracle 12c: Useful dgmgrl commands:   SCRIPT PREPARATION: PRIMARY […]

Useful DGMGRL commands in oracle dataguard

This articles contains useful dgmgrl commands to manage the dataguard environments. 1. Setup DG broker in the standby setup.(Run on both primary and standby)

2. Create configuration in dgbroker:

3. Enable the configuration

At this stage our dg broker setup is completed. 4. View configuration of dgbroker:

5. view database informations: […]

How to setup dataguard broker configuration (DG broker) in 12c

Dataguard broker is used to automate monitoring and controlling standby setups. It is very much useful, when the organization has multiple standby sites. In this article, we will see, how to enable dg broker configuration in existing standby setup. NOTE – Before setting dgbroker, make sure standby setup is ready. SEE ALSO – Setup physical […]

How to add a tempfile in primary database in dataguard

If standby_file_management is set to AUTO, as soon as we add a datafile on primary database, same will be created automatically on standby database. But will the same valid for tempfile?? Answer is NO. Adding tempfiles to TEMP tablespaces in primary database, will not automatically create on standby database. Because no redo is generated, while […]

Standby redologs in oracle dataguard

The Advantage of having Standby Redo Logs (SLR) is that every records written into the Online RedoLogs of the Primary Database is transferred to the Standby database and written into the Standby Redo Logs at the same time. therefore, you it minimizes the probability of Data Loss on the Standby Database. Without Standby Redo Logs, […]

How to use expdp to export data from physical standby database

During peak business hours, It is not advised to export data from production .(as it might impact the performance). So if we have a physical standby database, we can export data using datapump from standby database. PRE-REQUISITES: 1. Physical standby database should be in READ-ONLY MODE (ACTIVE DATAGUARD) 2.We cannot run expdp directly on physical […]

How to enable active dataguard in physical standby database

Active dataguard means, the standby database is open with read only mode, even when redo logs are getting applied in real time. Below are the benefit of using active dataguard. Reporting queries can be offloaded to standby database. Physical block corruptions are repaired automatically either at primary or physical standby database. RMAN backups can be […]

How to recreate physical standby controlfile

     Below are the steps for recreating physical standby controlfile. 1. Get the controlfile location [STANDBY]

2. Cancel recovery [STANDBY]

3. Shutdown standby [ STANDBY]

4. Create standby controlfile in primary [ PRIMARY]

5. copy the controlfile to standby server.

6.Replace the existing controlfile with the new controlfile [ […]

Flashback primary database in dataguard environment

      Development wanted to do some changes in the dev database, which needs to be rolled back once testing is over. So we have chosen to create flashback restore point before they do the changes and flashback the database, once testing is over. Now there is a little twist. This is a data […]

ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file

PROBLEM: After restoring standby database from RMAN backup, got below error, while mounting standby database,getting below error. ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file SOLUTION: Check the database_role of STANDBY

Convert to standby database

Now mount again:

Start recovery


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