ORA-30033: Undo tablespace cannot be specified as default user tablespace

PROBLEM: While creating or altering a user with default tablespace got below error. [crayon-5cbe74f44aa7d879517215/] SOLUTION: As the error says, we can’t set an undo tablespace as default table...

ORA-01203: wrong incarnation of this file – wrong creation SCN

PROBLEM: While opening a database, getting the error, ORA-01203: wrong incarnation of this file [crayon-5cbe74f44b1f4604746958/] SOLUTION: To fix this, either you have to restore that datafile from la...

Tablespace Management in oracle

What is a tablespace and datafile: Tablespace is the primary logic structure of the oracle database. It consists of one or more physical datafiles. Datafiles physical stores database data in storage.(...

How to find free space in UNDO tablespace

Use below script to get the details about undo tablespace usage.   [crayon-5cbe74f44baad120344533/]  

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