How to change asm spfile location in oracle RAC

Recently we found that, one of our asm instance was using a different spfile. So used below steps to change the spfile. existing spfile – > /u01/app/grid/dbs/asmbackup.ora new spfile        – > +OCR_VOTING/CLUSTER/ASMPARAMETERFILE/spfileASM.ora 1. Find the current spfile of asm: export ORACLE_SID=+ASM1 sqlplus / as sysdba SQL> show parameter pfile NAME TYPE VALUE […]

How to add a node in oracle RAC 19c

Below are the steps for adding  a node in  oracle 19c RAC. STEP OVERVIEW: Add the new node  using Extend oracle database home to new node using Add the database instance  to new node using dbca DEMO In this demo, we will add new node dbhost04, to existing node dbhost03( where grid is […]

How to modify scan name in oracle RAC

Recently We have built a 2 node RAC.  However after setting up everything, came to know that , we have configured wrong scan-name during the installation .  So we have used below method to update the scan name . Steps for modifying the scan name in oracle RAC. existing scan_name -> mumprd-scan new scan_name   […]

How to apply JDK patch in oracle database

Recently we got a notification from security Team, that the java versions inside the ORACLE_HOME were outdated, and those need to be updated to the latest one. So We checked in  oracle support portal and found out what is the latest jdk patch available and then applied the same on respective servers. In this below […]

How to change private interconnect details in oracle grid

Below are the steps for changing private interconnect details in oracle GRID/RAC  12c. In our case we will change the private interface name from eth7 to eth8(after confirmation from network team). 1. Check the interface details : ( from root user) [root@dbhost1 ~]$ $GRID_HOME/bin/oifcfg getif bond0  global  public eth7  global  cluster_interconnect,asm. — > […]

How to encrypt a table using dbm_redef with zero down time

We can encrypt a table using simple alter table command, However alter table command on big tables takes time and during this process, transaction will be blocked on that table. So best solution to avoid downtime is to use dbms_redef method to move the table to a new encrypted tablespace.   ORIGINAL TABLE_NAME – > […]

How to setup password less ssh connectivity using

Before starting RAC setup between two nodes, we need to have password less ssh connectivity between the nodes. There is a manual process to enable ssh connectivity . However oracle is providing a simple script, that will automate the steps.   SEE -> How to setup ssh connectivity manually script will be available […]

How to multiplex control file in standalone database

Multiplexing in control_file is one of the best practices of oracle database setup. It means keeping control files in different mount point or disk groups , so that in case one mount points is inaccessible, control file can be accessed from the available mount point. NOTE – > This activity needs downtime.       […]

How to flashback a RAC database

Below are the steps for flashback a database to restore point in a RAC database. 1. Check the restore point details. SELECT NAME FROM V$RESTORE_POINT; NAME ———— STAGE_CR178 2. Check the status of the database. srvctl status database -d DBPRE Instance DBPRE1 is running on node dbats-2 Instance DBPRE2 is running on node dbats-2 SQL> […]

how to change archivelog destination in oracle

If your present archivelog mountpoint is FULL or for any other reason, you want to change the archivelog destination in the database, then follow the below steps. NOTE – > It can be done ,when the database up are running. No downtime required.  FOR STANDALONE DATABASE: 1. Find the current archivelog location: SQL> archive log […]