Recover standby database from primary using service in oracle 18c

If your standby database is out of sync from primary or some archive logs got deleted before it is being shipped or applied to standby ,then you can follow below method to sync standby database with primary. We can call this process as  rolling forward of standby database. In oracle 11g, this process is purely […]

Display sql_id of the sql, using set feedback in oracle 18C – New feature

In oracle 18c, we can display the sql_id of the sql queries we are running using set feedback option. – By default it will be OFF. SQL> set feedback ON SQL_ID SQL> select name from v$database; NAME ——— ORA18C 1 row selected. SQL_ID: 0ata065ztg2u0 –  > This is the sql_id of the query .    […]

oraversion utility in oracle 18c – New feature

A new utility oraversion has been introduced in Oracle 18c, Which provides Oracle database version/release related information.   HELP: oraversion -help This program prints release version information. These are its possible arguments: -compositeVersion: Print the full version number: a.b.c.d.e. -baseVersion: Print the base version number: a. -majorVersion: Print the major version number: a. -buildStamp: Print […]

SET ROWLIMIT in oracle 18C – New feature

In earlier version we have used row_num filter in where clause to limit the number of rows getting fetched. In oracle 18c, the new command, SET ROWLIMIT command enables users to set a limit for the number of rows displayed for a query. By default it is set to OFF. — For limiting number or […]


Recently Oracle has released its Oracle 18c in premise version.(previously it was only for oracle cloud). This release has lot of new features, which need to to be explored.   So let’s start with Oracle binary installation and database creation. Download the Oracle software from oracle website.(DOWNLOAD LINK)   Copy the software to your server and unzip […]