How to generate AWR report in RAC

AWR report can be generating in RAC database using 2 scripts awrrpt.sql or awrrpti.sql awrrpt.sql – > This will generate the one report for the database across all the nodes(i.e for all instances) for a partiular snapshot range. awrrpti.sql – > This will genereate report for a particular instance, i.e for a 2 node RAC […]

Steps for changing public hostname for a standalone grid infrastructure

If you are planning to change the hostname and ipaddress of the standalone grid infrastructure ( oracle restart), then we need to do below deconfig and reconfig on the grid setup. 1. Stop the has $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl stop has 2 . Run the deconfig tool ( from root user ) export GRID_HOME=/gridapp/app/oracle/product/ $GRID_HOME/crs/install/ -deconfig -force


How to deinstall/cleanup standalone grid infrastructure

Below are the steps to deinstall or cleanup oracle standalone grid infrastructure setup. 1. Login with grid owner and ( i.e oracle or grid). export GRID_HOME=/oracle/app/oracle/product/ cd $GRID_HOME/deinstall 2. Run deinstall tool cd $GRID_HOME/deinstall ./deinstall

Run the mentioned script from root from a different window.

  When root script execution is done , […]

How to Downgrade oracle 19C Grid to 12C GRID

In the pervious article we have explained the STEPS FOR GRID UGPRADE FROM 12C TO 19C. Now We will explain the steps for downgrade oracle 19c 2 node GRID to oracle GRID. ENVIRONMENT DETAILS: 2 NODES – dbhost1 and dbhost2 Grid owner – oracle 19C ORACLE_HOME(current) – > /sharearea/crs/grid19c 12C ORACLE_HOME (old) -> /crs/app/oracle/product/grid12c […]

Upgrade grid infrastructure to 19C oracle

The latest oracle version is oracle 19C . In the below article we will explain the steps for upgrading grid infrastructure to 19c from oracle 12c  . The upgrade will be done in rolling mode. Current configuration – > No of nodes – 2 node current version – os platform – Solaris grid owner […]

How to flashback a RAC database

Below are the steps for flashback a database to restore point in a RAC database. 1. Check the restore point details.

2. Check the status of the database.

For flashback database to restore point in RAC database, we need to mount the database only on one node and run the flashback command. Below […]

How to move spfile from file system to ASM in RAC

Below are the steps for moving spfile from file system to ASM diskgroup in RAC. database name – ORCL instance_names – ORCL1,ORCL2 oracle DB nodes – dbhstorcl1, dbhstorcl2 1. Check current pfile location:

2. Now required directory in ASM diskgroup(where pfile will be created)

3. Create the spfile from pfile:

4. Update […]

How to change spfile in Oracle RAC.

If we are changing spfile in oracle RAC, then we need to use additional SID parameter in the alter system command. Here SID is the instance_name. For changing the parameter in both the instances of the RAC.

For changing the parameter in a specific instance.

If we don’t mention the SID parameter, then […]

Oracle local registry(OLR) in RAC

ORACLE LOCAL REGISTRY(OLR) contains node-specific information required by OHASD . Every node has its own dedicated OLR file.(not shared between the nodes). As OCRs files are present in ASM diskgroup, While starting the CRS, it wont be able to Access OCR file to find the cluster resource information. Because at this point ASM instance would […]


OLSNODES provides information related RAC nodes. 1. List of nodes in the cluster olsnodes prod54-1 prod55-1 2.Nodes with node number olsnodes -n prod54-1 1 prod55-1 2 3.Node with vip olsnodes -i prod54-1 prod54-1-vip prod55-1 prod55-1-vip 4. Nodes with status olsnodes -s -t prod54-1 Active Unpinned prod55-1 Active Unpinned  5.Leaf or Hub olsnodes -a prod54-1 Hub […]

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