How to create asm disk using asm filter driver(AFD)

If you are working on RHEL, then to use the disk in ASM diskgroup, the disks need to be labeled with ASM. Earlier oracleasm utility was used for this purpose. But oracle developed its own ASM filter driver(AFD), which can be used for this . SEE ALSO : Oracleasm utility in oracle 1. First check […]

How to change asm spfile location in oracle RAC

Recently we found that, one of our asm instance was using a different spfile. So used below steps to change the spfile. existing spfile – > /u01/app/grid/dbs/asmbackup.ora new spfile        – > +OCR_VOTING/CLUSTER/ASMPARAMETERFILE/spfileASM.ora 1. Find the current spfile of asm: export ORACLE_SID=+ASM1 sqlplus / as sysdba SQL> show parameter pfile NAME TYPE VALUE […]

How to delete a node from oracle RAC 19C

This tutorial explains how to delete a node from a multi node grid infrastructure setup. Current GRID NODES  -> DBHOST3( node 1) , DBHOST4 ( node 2) Node to be deleted -> DBHOST4 Grid version -> 19c STEPS OVERVIEW: Precheck Delete the instance from DBHOST4  using dbca Deinstall the oracle database home from DBHOST4 Deinstall […]

How to deinstall oracle 19c grid infrastructure

In this article , we will explain the steps required for deinstalling 2 node grid infrastructure. STEPS OVERVIEW: Deinstall oracle database homes if any Deinstall grid infrastructure Manually delete grid_home and oracle_home if anything is reported at 2nd stage. NOTE – > This deinstall process, will drop the database. So if your data is critical […]

How to add a node in oracle RAC 19c

Below are the steps for adding  a node in  oracle 19c RAC. STEP OVERVIEW: Add the new node  using Extend oracle database home to new node using Add the database instance  to new node using dbca DEMO In this demo, we will add new node dbhost04, to existing node dbhost03( where grid is […]

ORA-15260: permission denied on ASM disk group

PROBLEM: While creating a diskgroup , got ORA-15260: permission denied on ASM disk group error. [oracle@19c]$ sqlplus / as SYSDBA SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Fri Jun 18 18:42:58 2021 Version Copyright (c) 1982, 2019, Oracle. All rights reserved. Connected to: Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release – Production Version SQL> […]

Useful asmcmd commands

This article contains the list of useful asmcmd commands which will come handy in your day to day operations. 1. List all diskgroups: ASMCMD> lsdg — Include dismounted diskgroups: ASMCMD> lsdg –discovery — List diskgroups across all nodes of cluster: ASMCMD> lsdg -g –discovery 2. List asm disks: — List all asm disks ASMCMD> lsdsk […]

How to change cluster name in oracle RAC

NOTE – You can follow this method for deinstall and reinstall of  grid infrastructure without losing your database data(asm disk data)   Changing the cluster_name in ORACLE RAC means grid infrastructure need to be reconfigured( which is a complex activity). You will need downtime to do this activity and you will lose your cluster services, […]

CRS-4013: This command is not supported in a single-node configuration

PROBLEM: While shutting down crs, got below error. [root@bin]# ./crsctl stop crs CRS-4013: This command is not supported in a single-node configuration. CRS-4000: Command Stop failed, or completed with errors. SOLUTION: In case of standalone grid, there will not be any crs . Only has component will be there. So use the below command to […]

Verifying Daemon “avahi-daemon” not configured and running …FAILED (PRVG-1360)

PROBLEM: While running oracle grid precheck using runcluvfy script, got below error. Verifying Daemon “avahi-daemon” not configured and running … Node Name Configured Status ———— ———————— ———————— dbatest2 no passed dbatest1 no passed Node Name Running? Status ———— ———————— ———————— dbatest2 yes failed dbatest1 yes failed Verifying Daemon “avahi-daemon” not configured and running …FAILED (PRVG-1360) […]