How to move spfile from file system to ASM in RAC

Below are the steps for moving spfile from file system to ASM diskgroup in RAC. database name – ORCL instance_names – ORCL1,ORCL2 oracle DB nodes – dbhstorcl1, dbhstorcl2 1. Check current pfile location:

2. Now required directory in ASM diskgroup(where pfile will be created)

3. Create the spfile from pfile:

4. Update […]

How to change spfile in Oracle RAC.

If we are changing spfile in oracle RAC, then we need to use additional SID parameter in the alter system command. Here SID is the instance_name. For changing the parameter in both the instances of the RAC.

For changing the parameter in a specific instance.

If we don’t mention the SID parameter, then […]

Oracle local registry(OLR) in RAC

ORACLE LOCAL REGISTRY(OLR) contains node-specific information required by OHASD . Every node has its own dedicated OLR file.(not shared between the nodes). As OCRs files are present in ASM diskgroup, While starting the CRS, it wont be able to Access OCR file to find the cluster resource information. Because at this point ASM instance would […]


OLSNODES provides information related RAC nodes. 1. List of nodes in the cluster olsnodes prod54-1 prod55-1 2.Nodes with node number olsnodes -n prod54-1 1 prod55-1 2 3.Node with vip olsnodes -i prod54-1 prod54-1-vip prod55-1 prod55-1-vip 4. Nodes with status olsnodes -s -t prod54-1 Active Unpinned prod55-1 Active Unpinned  5.Leaf or Hub olsnodes -a prod54-1 Hub […]

How to create ACFS file system in RAC using command line:

ACFS i.e Oracle ASM Cluster File System is cluster file system service used for High availability services. Example – For achieving high availability in goldenate for Oracle RAC, we can use ACFS for goldengate relate files. In this article, we will show how to create a ACFS file system in oracle RAC using command line. […]

Create password files for database in ASM diskgroup

Below are the steps for creating password file for database in ASM diskgroup . This method is valid only for oracle 12c onwards. SYNTAX – ASMCMD> pwcreate –dbuniquename {db_unique_name} {file_path}  {sys_password} Example: Here we will create a password file with dbuniquename PRDPRE.

Check whether new pwdfile is created or not:

We can check […]


ASM_POWER_LIMIT specifies the disk rebalancing speed of the ASM instance. The higher the limit, the faster rebalancing operation, but consume lot of CPU. Lower values will take longer, but consume fewer processing and I/O resources. Rebalancing happens when we add or drop a disk from a diskgroup. Import points: Background process ARBx performs the rebalance […]

OPATCHAUTO-72046: No wallet option provided

PROBLEM: I was applying proactive bundle patch on oracle 12c RAC database. And during execution of opatchauto apply command on rdbms binary, got below error. $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatchauto apply /softdump/OCTBP2017/26635880 -oh /oracle/app/oracle/product/ OPatchauto session is initiated at Wed Nov 8 11:48:21 2017 OPATCHAUTO-72046: No wallet option provided. OPATCHAUTO-72046: Wallet option is not provided which is required during […]

oracleasm utility for ASMLIB

ASMlib driver is required on  Linux operating systems, to enable a disk readable by ASM. Without ASMLIB, disks can’t be used at asm disks. Below are the steps for configuring ASMlib and marking disks as ASM.   Download Asmlib: You can download these rpm packages directly from OTN: Else, if your system is registered […]

ASMCA utility in oracle

ASMCA ( ASM Configuration Assistant) is a GUI utility provided by grid, to manage ASM instances and diskgroups like , create diskgroup, adding disk/diskgroup, dropping disk/diskgroup, mount/dismount diskgroup etc. Start asmca:

Creating diskgroup: Click on Create:   Mention the disk group name, redundancy and select the candidate disks that to be used for the […]

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