Real DBA Interview questions -4

Below are the questions asked to a candidate in a production based company.   In ansible, what type of activites you did? What is a role in ansible? How you can print the output in ansible task? How you handle errors in ansible? Explain the postgres architecture How connection gets established in postgres Different Components […]

Real DBA interview questions -3

These below oracle DBA questions has been shared by a candidates who appeared for a interview in MNC. Candidate has 10 years of experience . ROUND 1: ( Technical Round) Background processes in oracle database  Explain about dbwr and lgwr  What is shared poool. What it does  What is the role of PGA  What it […]

Real DBA interview questions -2

Candidate has experience of 10 years in oracle dba and postgres. Below are the questions asked . First round: oracle dba question What happens during hot backup?  Why hot backup generates lot of redo?  Different between small file tablespace and big file tablespace . Can pros and cons of both type of tablespace?  Cconfigure controlfile […]

postgres DBA Interview questions

POSTGRES ARCHITECTURE & INTERNALS: 1. How connection is established in postgres? The supervisor process is called postgres server( earlier it was known as postmaster) and listens at a specified TCP/IP port for incoming connections. Whenever a connection request comes, it spawns a new backend process. Those backend processes communicate with each other and with other […]

ASM Interview questions

1. Explain ASM architecture?   2. Explain the advantages of using ASM. It spreads i/o across the disk uniformly. Performs automatic rebalance upon disk addition and deletion Capable of leveraging multipath layer. Mirroring and striping capability. tightly coupled with OMF Reduces administration complexity. Overcomes filesize limitation 3. How asm mirroring works?   4. Explain different […]

Oracle Performance Tuning Interview questions and answers

1. Difference between local partitioned  index and global  partitioned index In local partitioned Index, there is one to one relation between data partition and index partition. i.e for each table partition, there will be on respective index partition( based on the same partitioned key on table) . But in global partitioned Index, there is no […]

Oracle RAC interview questions

1. Why we are using vip in RAC? Because before 10g, there were no concept of vip. If user connected to the INSTANCE  using physical ip, and if the node goes down, then there is no way for the user to know whether node is available or not. So it need to wait for a […]

RMAN interview QA

1. What is the difference between expired and obsolete backup. Expire mean, the backup piece is not available at the physical location . Obsolete backup mean, That backup piece is not required any more. 2. What is block change tracking? Usually when we take incremental backup, It doesn’t have any information , about which blocks […]

Real Interview questions for experienced DBAs – 1

Overview: Below are the questions asked to a candidate with 10 years of experience in Oracle DBA and postgres . There were 2 rounds.   Round 1 :  What are your day to day activities. And what is your role in the Team? Explain cluster startup sequence. Suppose users are connected to node1 and Os […]

oracle dba interview Questions

Here we have listed out some of common interview questions asked in  oracle DBA interview. We are trying our best to include QAs from different topics of oracle database. 1. What is the difference between database and instance Oracle database is consists of physical files like datafile, redo logs, tempfile, undo file and controlfiles. Whereas […]