Real DBA interview questions -2

Candidate has experience of 10 years in oracle dba and postgres. Below are the questions asked . First round: oracle dba question What happens during hot backup?  Why hot backup generates lot of redo?  Different between small file tablespace and big file tablespace . Can pros and cons of both type of tablespace?  Cconfigure controlfile […]

Real Interview questions for experienced DBAs – 1

Overview: Below are the questions asked to a candidate with 10 years of experience in Oracle DBA and postgres . There were 2 rounds.   Round 1 :  What are your day to day activities. And what is your role in the Team? Explain cluster startup sequence. Suppose users are connected to node1 and Os […]

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Database for Your App

Have you ever wondered what is one of the most challenging tasks for mobile app developers? Well, it is to be able to choose the right app database. The mobile app market is full of a myriad of options and that’s what makes it critical for developers to choose the right app database. Without the […]

Oracle Data Guard vs. Oracle GoldenGate

            Oracle Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate are disaster recovery software used for data replication. The two software are mainly the top picks for disaster recovery. Other software like Dbvisit ( ) might also be a preference for most people. But in this article, we’ll compare the two popular data […]

Automation Testing in CI/CD

       Automation testing focuses on continuous testing to identify bugs and defects early in the software development life cycle. It  does this by using the tools that give priority to quality. One of the most persuasive features of the CI/CD pipeline is the scope to test the software code more frequently without overburdening […]

What is the Future Possibility of a Career in MS SQL Server?

              Ever before you are planning to start or change your career into one of the most popular database languages, MS SQL Server (Microsoft Structured Query Language), you need to know the future prospect of this language which is created to interact with a database. This blog will help […]