CRSCTL Utility is used to managed oracle clusterware resources and components.

1. STOP & START CRS: ( run from root user)

2. Enable/Disable auto restart of CRS.

3. Find the cluster name

4. Find grid version:

SYNATX – $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl query crs softwareversion <hostname)

5. check cluster component status

6. Find voting disk location

7. Find OCR location:

8. Find cluster interconnect details


9. Check CRS status of local node 

10. Check status of all crs resourcs

10. Check active version of cluster

11. Stop and start high availability service ( HAS)

12. Check CRS status of remote nodes

13. Disk timeout from node to voting disk(disktimeout)

14. Network latency in the node interconnect (Misscount)

15. Move voting disk to another diskgroup:

16. Add another voting disk:

17. Delete voting disk:

18 . Get ocr disk backup details

19 . Check whether standard or flex ASM

20 . Check CRS configuation

21. crsctl has commands for standalone grid infrastrcuture