OSWATCHER is an oracle utility used to capture performance metrics from the operating system. We can get it easily from oracle website, and it doesnt need additional license.

In this article, we will show ,how to install oswatcher utility and its application.

1. Download oswatcher from oracle support.

OSWatcher (Doc ID 301137.1)

2. Copy and untar the file :

3. Start the oswatcher in background.

30 – > Means snapshot interval in seconds.
168 -> the number of hours of archive data to store

4. Validate whether oswatcher is running or not

6. Generate graphs for CPUs and memory usage from oswatcher files.

We can generate graphs for CPU and memory and disk io statistics from the oswatcher collected files for a particular time period. Make sure the oswatcher files exists for that timeframe.


java -jar oswbba.jar -I  ARCHIVE_LOCATION  -B  BEGIN_TIME -E END_TIME 


java -jar oswbba.jar -I /archive/OSWATCHER/oswbb/archive -B Nov 23 15:17:00 2017 -E Nov 23 15:20:00 2017

It will ask for the selection. Suppose we need CPU utilization graphs, then press 2 .