ASMlib driver is required on  Linux operating systems, to enable a disk readable by ASM. Without ASMLIB, disks can’t be used at asm disks.

Below are the steps for configuring ASMlib and marking disks as ASM.


  1. Download Asmlib:

You can download these rpm packages directly from OTN:

Else, if your system is registered with ULN, then you can download directly using yum as below.

       2. Configure oracleasm:[ Do on all nodes if RAC]


       3. Start oracleasm:[ Do on all nodes ]

Now as we have configured and started the oracleasm, we can proceed with making the disks as ASM disk.

    4.Create ASM disk [ Do only from one node ]

Createdisk need to be run only from one node

   5.Now list and scan the disks [ On all the nodes ]

Once disk is created, you need to scan the disks using scandisks on all the nodes,

Now, these ASM disks are ready to be added to ASM disk group.

automatic start can be enabled or disabled with the ‘enable’ and ‘disable’ options to /etc/init.d/oracleasm:

Delete asmdisk

Disks that are no longer used by ASM can be unmarked using deletedisk command

oracleasm deletedisk

Check whether a disk is already marked for asm or not:

Get physical disk details with ASM DISK NAMES:

blkid command will give information about the physical disks and respective asmdisk label name