The Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool, commonly know as DBSAT tool is used to scan the complete database and provide report security configuration and vulnerability list.

The DBSAT has two components:

The collector – Its job is to collect information by running different SQL and os command against database

The Reporter – It will analyze the database and provide its findings in the report.

1. Download the DBSAT tool:

You can get this tool in oracle support website – Click  Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) (Doc ID 2138254.1)

2. Copy that tool and unzip it.

3. Now use collect command:

Make sure to set proper ORACLE_HOME , ORACLE_SID and PATH before running this command.

./dbsat collect {username/password} {DESTINATION_PATH}

This will generate a file called

4. Now generate the report:

./dbsat report {DESTINATION_FILE} file will be generated

5. How the report looks like:

While unzipping the file, it will ask for the password, (pass the same which we used while generating the report)


The html will look as below: