ORACLE LOCAL REGISTRY(OLR) contains node-specific information required by OHASD . Every node has its own dedicated OLR file.(not shared between the nodes).

As OCRs files are present in ASM diskgroup, While starting the CRS, it wont be able to Access OCR file to find the cluster resource information. Because at this point ASM instance would also be down. So at this point OLR file ( which is present at normal file system) is accessed to start the required resources.


1. The default location of OLR:


2.View the available backups of OLR:

$GRID_HOME/bin/ocrconfig -local -showbackup

prod60-2     2017/02/06 13:10:06     /crsapp/app/oracle/product/grid12c/cdata/prod60-2/backup_20170206_131006.olr     0

2. Take the backup of OLR manually: ( Need to done from ROOT user)

root# /crsapp/app/oracle/product/grid12c/bin/ocrconfig  -local -manualbackup

prod60-2     2018/11/18 16:52:15     /crsapp/app/oracle/product/grid12c/cdata/prod60-2/backup_20181118_165215.olr     3059807995

prod60-2     2017/02/06 13:10:06     /crsapp/app/oracle/product/grid12c/cdata/prod60-2/backup_20170206_131006.olr     0

3. Verify integrity of the OLR

cluvfy comp olr

Verifying OLR integrity

Checking OLR integrity...
Check of existence of OLR configuration file "/var/opt/oracle/olr.loc" passed
Check of attributes of OLR configuration file "/var/opt/oracle/olr.loc" passed

This check does not verify the integrity of the OLR contents. Execute 'ocrcheck -local' as a privileged user to verify the contents of OLR.

OLR integrity check passed

Verification of OLR integrity was successful.

4. Check the current OLR location:

$GRID_HOME/bin/ocrcheck -local
Status of Oracle Local Registry is as follows :
         Version                  :          4
         Total space (kbytes)     :     409568
         Used space (kbytes)      :       1108
         Available space (kbytes) :     408460
         ID                       : 1832119036
         Device/File Name         : /crsapp/app/oracle/product/grid12c/cdata/prod60-2.olr
                                    Device/File integrity check succeeded

         Local registry integrity check succeeded

         Logical corruption check succeeded

5. View OLR in text format:

$GRID_HOME/bin/ocrdump -local -stdout

6. Restore OLR from backup:

In case OLR is corrupted, Restore it from backup.

crsctl stop crs

ocrconfig -local -restore /crsapp/app/oracle/product/grid12c/cdata/prod60-2/backup_20181118_165215.olr

ocrconfig -local

crsctl start crs