ACFS i.e Oracle ASM Cluster File System is cluster file system service used for High availability services.

Example – For achieving high availability in goldenate for Oracle RAC, we can use ACFS for goldengate relate files.

In this article, we will show how to create a ACFS file system in oracle RAC using command line.


NODES               – NODE1 , NODE2
OS                  – SOLARIS SPARC


1. Create an ASM DISKGROUP( ON NODE 1)

2. Mount the diskgroup from other nodes(On NODE 2)

3. check the diskgroup status( from any node)

4. Create a new ADVM volume in the diskgroup(ACFSPOC):(ON NODE 1)


5. create mount point with proper permission on both nodes:

6.Create ACFS FILESYSTEM In the ADVM VOLUME (On node 1) ( as grid owner)

NOTE – In case of linux the command will be /sbin/mkfs -t acfs /dev/asm/sharedvol1-201


7.Register the ACFS file system with CRS:

8. Start the ACFS file system resource:( on node 1 from the root)

9. Now validate the ACFS mount points

Try creating a test file on node1 and check whether the same is available on node 2.

We have successfully created the ACFS file system in a two node RAC.

In this next article, we will show, How to create the ACFS file system using ASMCA GUI utility.