Useful CRSCTL commands

CRSCTL Utility is used to managed oracle clusterware resources and components. 1. STOP & START CRS: ( run from root user)

2. Enable/Disable auto restart of CRS.

3. Find the cluster name

4. Find grid version: SYNATX – $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl query crs softwareversion <hostname)

5. check cluster component status

6. Find […]

Useful srvctl commands

SRVCTL is known as server control utility, which is used to add, remove,relocate and manage different crs services or components in RAC database. 1. STOP DATABASE : SYNTAX – srvctl stop database -d db_name [-o stop_options] where stop_options is normal/immediate(default)/transactional/abort e.g

2. START DATABASE SYNTAX – srvctl start database -d db_name [-o start_options] where start_option […]

Create RAC database manually

It is always recommended to create database in RAC using DBCA only (GUI) . But for some reason, if  you want to create manually, then follow below steps: In this article , we will create a database in a 2 node rac. Database name will be DBATST with instance names DBATST1,DBATST2 1. Prepare a init […]

Install grid infrastructure 12c on standalone server

Grid installation on the standalone database server is also known as oracle Restart. This is required if you wish you use ASM file system with oracle restart feature. Oracle Restart Means, During any accidental Hardware or software failure, it will start the database components like database instance, listener service, ASM instance automatically. Here there won’t […]

Asmcmd new features in oracle 12c

Below are the new features of Oracle 12c version. 1. Connecting to ASM instance of remote node: Now we can connect to asmcmd prompt(asm instance) of remote node from local node. SYNTAX – asmcmd –inst < REMOTE ASM INSTANCE NAME>

2.Move ASM password file using pwmove: We can move the asm pwfile from one […]

RMAN active cloning from RAC TO RAC

Below are the steps for doing RMAN from RAC to RAC. Steps will be same from NON RAC TO RAC . For standalone database  – Rman active cloning for standalone 12c database SOURCE DB RAC NODE- prodb1-host,prodb2-host DBNAME – PRODB : Oracle INSTANCE NAMES – PRODB1,PRODB2 Oracle TARGET DB RAC NODE – clonedb1-host,clonedb2-host DBNAME […]

Move datafile from file system to ASM disk in 11g

      PROBLEM: One of the junior DBA mistakenly created a datafile in local filesystem instead of ASM disk group in RAC database 11g. But he is quick to realize his mistake. Below steps need to be followed to move the datafile to ASM disk group.   SOLUTION: 1. Make the datafile offline;


Copy asm file from one server to another server

Copying file between mount points between different servers is straight forward and can be done using scp or ftp command. But transfering file between asm diskgroups of different servers  will be a tricky one. There are two methods to do it. 1. Using cp command of asmcmd 2. Using DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER package   1. Using cp command of asmcmd SYNTAX: […]

How to rename ASM diskgroup with RAC database

         Below are the steps for renaming an ASM diskgroup with database files present inside for a running database.   EXAMPLE: In this article we will rename the diskgroup +DATATST to +NEWTST.  The database present inside the diskgroup is TESTDB2 .   1. Check configuration of the database: srvctl config database -d TESTDB2 […]

Drop database in oracle RAC

  Below are the steps for dropping database in Oracle RAC.   1. Make cluster database to FALSE

2. Stop the db service

3. start the database in mount exclusive mode:

4.Now drop the database:

5. Remove the db service from cluster

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