Though GUI is a preferable method to do client installation, But sometimes DBAs might be not to be able to xmanager to enable GUI for the server. In that case, installation using response file will be useful.

In this example, we will do the installation of Oracle client version.

1. Download Oracle client software from oracle portal.-  


2. Copy and unzip the software in the server


3. Update the response file.

a sample response file comes with the software itself. We just need the update the response file with required values.

RESPONSE FILE LOCATION – > $SOFTWARE/client/response/client_install.rsp

In the response file, we will update only the below values.

NOTE – Here we have selected installation type as Administrator

The response file will look like this – >  client_install

If you wish you to customize the installation, then you can go through the response file and update accordingly.

4. Now do the installation silently.

COMMAND ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs -showProgress -silent -responseFile /software/client/response/client_install.rsp