Ever before you are planning to start or change your career into one of the most popular database languages, MS SQL Server (Microsoft Structured Query Language), you need to know the future prospect of this language which is created to interact with a database. This blog will help you to know the future prospect of choosing a career in MS SQL Server.

What is SQL Server?

MS SQL is a software developed by Microsoft, which is a relational database management system (RDBMS) and also an Object-Relational Database Management System that supports a wide variety of transaction processing, analytics applications and business intelligence in corporate IT environments.

MS SQL is also a graphical user interface (GUI) and command based software.  A GUI can display objects that convey information, and represent actions that can be taken by a user.

Where is MS SQL used?

MS SQL is used to create and maintain databases. Databases are part of every company with a website and SQL is used in every industry to deal with complex databases. Constant interaction happens in SQL which includes updating, deleting, and requesting information from the database. It is a relational web hosting database which is used to store website information like user information and blog posts. MS SQL is the most popular database type on Windows servers.

MS SQL is used to analyze the data through SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and to generate reports through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

It can be used to carry out ETL (extract, transform, load data out of one database and place it into another database) operations through SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Although MS SQL is not a free language it has all the advanced features that make it suitable for businesses.

MS SQL Features  

An MS SQL Server database is capable of storing any type of data you want. It will enable you to quickly store and retrieve information on servers. When multiple visitors come to your website they can use it at one time. The SQL statements you use help to accomplish all this. Speaking in technical terms, most MS SQL Server versions have the following features:

  • Full-text search service
  • Logging and Transaction
  • Concurrency and locking
  • Buffer management
  • Replication services
  • Notification services
  • Analysis services
  • Integration services
  • Stored procedures
  • Sub-SELECTs
  • Triggers
  • Views

Careers in SQL server

There are millions of SQL Server databases around the world on-premises and in the cloud such as Azure, Amazon Web Services etc. Careers in SQL Server are vast and have quite a lot of theories and concepts. If you’re an MS SQL aspirant who would like to make a career with SQL, then you should master all the important concepts and get a better understanding of creating queries. There are some of the most important skills that one aspirant needs to acquire before starting a career in SQL. Numerous technology professionals work with SQL Server on a daily basis.

Different Roles in MS SQL Server

There are different roles available in SQL Server and not everyone who works with SQL Server handles the same role. Anyone cannot really master everything the platform has to offer. There are database developers, DS or Data Scientist, Report writers, DBA or Database Administrator, and DA or Data Analyst, BI Admin or Business Intelligence Administrator and more other roles. Like any other technology jobs, these roles too fall high in terms of compensation.

Scope of MS SQL Career

Although there are numerous notable programming languages on the market, SQL is a specialized language rise in popularity in data-intensive fields like Big Data and machine learning. The demand for database technology is massive in the market as everything functions with the help of data. So, if you’re an aspirant, you must realize your strength and skills and act accordingly to choose a specific area of interest to be more productive in your career.

Now, you or the company you’re working have too many questions related to data such as previous year sales, average customer satisfaction rating, reduced expense rates of a certain period, all these can be answered using SQL.

Qualification to secure a career as a SQL Server Developer

Do you think you don’t have a technical background to get a job in the IT industry? Don’t underestimate yourself but understand the business aspect and propose the most creative solutions. If you know how to code and believe that you can perform and implement solutions, you can easily become a SQL Developer. It does not matter whether you belong to an IT or non-IT background, but getting certified in MS SQL Server will easily find you a job as a SQL Server Developer. You may earn certification by joining the online SQL classes and practice continuously for some time to become an expert. The thing you make yourself skilled and educate yourself to hit the right profile, it will help you to build a professional career as a MS SQL Developer.

To put more simply, SQL empowers you to answer your own questions. Therefore, you no longer have to rely on overly simplified, pre-built reports and emailing co-workers to track down data. SQL enables you to become a more self-sufficient employee in the IT industry.