Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) is a collection of database statistics owned by the SYS user. By default snapshot are generated once every 60min .

But In case we wish to generate awr snapshot manually, then we can run the below script.  This is usually useful, when we need to generate an awr report for a non-standard window with smaller interval.

Lets say, we want to generate a report for next 5 minutes. (7.10 – 7.15) . So we will generate a snapshot at 7.10 and another at 7.15 . And awr can be generated using this begin_snap_id and end_snap_id.

1. Current available snapshots in database:

2.Generate a new snapshot:

3. Check the snapshots(whether new one is created or not )


Here the snap 19280 snap_id has been generated.