Update_db_password command can be used to updates DBNSMP password of the target in the Enterprise Manager Credential sub-system and change the password on the target database as well.

The command need to be run from OMS home.


emcli login -username=sysman -password=

emcli update_db_password -target_name="" -target_type="oracle_database" -user_name="dbsnmp" -change_at_target=yes -old_password="" -new_password="" -retype_new_password=""

For standalone database:(TESTDB)

1. login to sysman user in OMS

cd $OMS_HOME/bin

./emcli login -username=sysman -password=oracle1234
Login successful

2. Check the target staus:

./emcli get_targets -target="oracle_database" | grep TESTDB
1       Up               oracle_database       TESTDB

3. Update the dbsnmp password

./emcli update_db_password -target_name="TESTDB" -target_type="oracle_database" -user_name="dbsnmp" -change_at_target=yes -old_password="dbsnmp" -new_password="oracle" -retype_new_password="oracle"

Successfully submitted a job to change the password in Enterprise Manager and on the target database: "TESTDB"
Execute "emcli get_jobs -job_id=49A8A308BB280CAFE0540010E01F328C" to check the status of the job.
Search for job name "CHANGE_PWD_JOB_1488359226974" on the Jobs home page to check job execution details.

4. Check the job status:

./emcli get_jobs -job_id=49A8A308BB280CAFE0540010E01F328C
Name                          Type                Job ID                            Execution ID                      Scheduled            Completed            TZ Offset  Status     Status ID  Owner   Target Type      Target Name
CHANGE_PWD_JOB_1488359226974  dbUpdateDBPassword  49A8A308BB280CAFE0540010E01F328C  49A8A308BB2B0CAFE0540010E01F328C  2017-03-01 12:07:07  2017-03-01 12:07:11  GMT+03:00  Succeeded  5          SYSMAN  oracle_database  TESTDB



emcli update_db_password -target_name="" -user_name= -target_type=rac_database -change_all_references=yes -change_at_target=yes -old_password= -new_password= -retype_new_password=

emcli set_monitoring_credential -target_type="rac_database" -target_name="" -set_name="DBCredsMonitoring" -cred_type="DBCreds" -attributes="DBUserName:;DBPassword:;DBRole:"