How to open standby database when primary database is lost

    If your primary database is not accessible or crashed for any issue, then we can use open the standby database for use. Below are the steps for opening standby database when the primary database is lost:   1. start the standby database in mount stage:[ STANDBY]

2. Check the protection_mode and database_role […]

How to rename datafile in standby setup in 11g

           When you rename a in the primary database, the change won’t be reflected on standby database, even if the STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT initialization parameter is set to AUTO. Follow below steps for renaming datafile in standby environment: For renaming datafile in oracle 12c – Refer 1. Make standby_file_management parameter to MANUAL [ […]

Restore missing datafile in standby database oracle 12c

        In oracle 12c, if datafile is missing is standby database, then it can be restored easily from primary database using RESTORE DATAFILE FROM SERVICE command. This is one of the new feature of dataguard 12c .    DEMO: PRIMDB – Primary database STYDB – Standby database Check status of primary and […]

Rolling forward standby database when archives missing in primary in 12c

                                  There can be situation , in dataguard setup, where archive logs are missing from primary , before it was being shipped to standby  . Till 11g , we can make standby db sync with primary by taking an incremental […]

Switch over in physical standby database

In dataguard setup, we can make primary database as physical standby database and standby as primary . This is known as switch over. STEPS: TEST1 – Primary TEST2- STANDBY Before doing switchover, we have to make sure that the existing standby setup is fine and the archives are getting shipped and applied properly on standby. […]

How to apply psu patch on standby database

                 To apply psu patch on  physical standby database setup, 1st patch need to be applied on standby, and then on primary. Below are the steps.  Download patch from oracle support. 1.Check the database_role for both dbs

  2.Run below in primary to check log gap between […]

How to recover standby database when archive logs are missing in primary

      Normally in DR setup, the archives from primary shipped to standby and applied there. Suppose some of the archives hasn’t been shipped to secondary .But due to intermittence error or human error, the archives has been deleted from primary. So without those archives, standby can’t be in sync with primary.   In […]

Convert physical standby to snapshot standby database

What is snapshot standby: Snapshot standby is a feature in Oracle 11g that allows doing a read-write operation on the standby database.  i. e we can convert the physical standby database to snapshot standby. On that, we can do all types of testing or can be used as a development database (which is an exact […]

How to create physical standby database

                 Here will build a physical standby setup. Our assumption is primary database is already up and running fine And ORACLE_HOME is installed on standby server.   PRIMARY STANDBY SERVER primary-host standby-host DB_UNIQUE_NAME PROD PRODSBY   PRIMARY: Make sure database is archive log mode, and enable force logging. […]

Oracle data guard concepts

The main features of Oracle data guard is 1. High availablity 2. Data protection 3. Disaster Recovery             A Dataguard configuration consists of one primary database and one or more standby database. The standby databases will be always in sync  with primary database. If primary production database is unavailable due […]

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