Active dataguard means, the standby database is open with read only mode, even when redo logs are getting applied in real time.

Below are the benefit of using active dataguard.

  1. Reporting queries can be offloaded to standby database.
  2. Physical block corruptions are repaired automatically either at primary or physical standby database.
  3. RMAN backups can be initiated from standby , instead  of primary which will reduce cpu load from primary.

NOTE – To use active dataguard, you need additional license from oracle

Let’s say we have a physical standby database which is in mount state. Implement below steps to enable active dataguard database.


1. Cancel the media recovery on physical standby.

2. Open the database[PHYSICAL STANDBY]

3. Start media recovery with real-time log apply[PHYSICAL STANDBY]

4. Check the database status:[PHYSICAL STANDBY]

Now active dataguard has been enabled.