When you rename a in the primary database, the change won’t be reflected on standby database, even if the STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT initialization parameter is set to AUTO.

Follow below steps for renaming datafile in standby environment:

For renaming datafile in oracle 12c – Refer

1. Make standby_file_management parameter to MANUAL [ on both PRIMARY and STANDBY ]

2. Make the tablespace offline ( to which the datafile belongs) [ PRIMARY]

3. move/rename the datafile physically [ PRIMARY]

4. Rename the datafile in controlfile[ PRIMARY]

5. Make the tablespace online [ PRIMARY]

6. Stop redo apply [ STANDBY]

7. Shutdown standby database [ STANDBY ]

8 . Start the database in Mount [ STANDBY ]

9. move the datafile physically [ STANDBY]

10. Rename the datafile in standby controlfile[ STANDBY]

11. Start the redo apply [ STANDBY]

12. MAke the standby_file_management to AUTO: