Like windows have recyclebin, Oracle database has also provided recyclebin, which keep all the dropped objects.
When we drop a table(DROP TABLE TABLE_NAME) in the database, the tables will logically be removed, but it still exists in the same tablespace but with a prefix BIN$$. And it will not release the space also.

NOTE – The Recyclebin does not work for SYS owned objects

If we drop the table with purge command, its tables will be removed completely (even from recyclebin).

1. How to check whether recyclebin is on or not?

2. Drop a table and check whether recyclebin content:

Now as the table is inside recyclebin, if required, if we recover this.

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3. For purging the table for recyclebin.

In order to remove the table from recyclebin also.

4. To purge complete recyclebin:

5. To drop a table(without keeping in recylebin)