While altering parameter in parameter file got below error.


This error comes, if the database is running with pfile instead of spfile.

1. Check whether DB is running with pfile or spfile:

Here value is showing BLANK, Means database is running with pfile. So with pfile , if we are trying to alter any init parameter in database, it will throw error.

To fix it, create an spfile from the pfile and restart the database.

2. Create spfile from pfile;

3. Check whether spfile has been created in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs location:

4. Restart the database

When we start the database, if both pfile(init$ORACLE_SID.ora) and spfile(spfile$ORACLE_SID.ora) are present at dbs location, Then bydefault spfile will be used for db startup.

5. Check whether spfile is used or not:

6. Now run alter statement: