While trying to drop a column from a table, owned by SYS, got below error.(ORA-12988)


oerr ora 12988
12988, 00000, “cannot drop column from table owned by SYS”
// *Cause: An attempt was made to drop a column from a system table.
// *Action: This action is not allowed

We can’t drop a column from a table owned by SYS user. There is an alternative method to achieve this.

1. Create the table under different schema(using CTAS) let’s say DBACLASS user.

2. Now drop the column from the newly created table

3. Now drop the original table owned by SYS

4. Again create the table using CTAS from the dbaclass.test4 table.

In this case, if any indexes were present, then those need to be recreated again.