While doing import, got below error.

 NAME varchar2(40),
 AGE number(4),
 ID  number(5)
ORA-39083: Object type TYPE failed to create with error:
ORA-02304: invalid object identifier literal
Failing sql is:

Login to database, Check whether that OID “BE4C0AFD318A07CBE0443C4A923B4794″ exists or not.

SQL> select owner,TYPE_NAME,TYPE_OID from dba_types where TYPE_OID='BE4C0AFD318A07CBE0443C4A923B4794';

OWNER                          TYPE_NAME                      TYPE_OID
------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------------------
PRODUCT                 TEST_SYSTEM              BE4C0AFD318A07CBE0443C4A923B4794

     As we can see that that another TYPE is already exists in the database which is using the same OID. So you need to create the type manually by using a new OID. Else drop the existing TYPE nad try to import.


Alternatively, you can use the parameter transform=oid:n  during impdp.