While starting the datapump in goldengate version 12.2.0 , you may get below error.


2016-04-14 15:14:39  ERROR   OGG-01031  There is a problem in network communication, a remote file problem, encryption keys for target and source do not match (if using ENCRYPT) or an unknown error

. (Reply received is Output file /ggatebss/oradata/remotedata_ULA/T1000000 is not in any allowed output directories.).


2016-04-14 15:14:39  ERROR   OGG-01668  PROCESS ABENDING.




This error will come in goldengate version 12.2, as new parameter ALLOWOUTPUTDIR  has been introduced , which need to be added in ./GLOBALS file on target .


syntax – ALLOWOUTPUTDIR   [ path of the remote trail location]

1. stop the manager and the replicates

ggsci> stop mgr

ggsci> stop *


2.  edit the ./GLOBAL

ALLOWOUTPUTDIR /ggatebss/oradata/


3. stat mgr and replicates

ggsci> start mgr

ggsci> start *