We were receiving error like MRPO terminated with error 1274,unnamed file added in standby database, when a new data file was added in the primary.

Below is the actual error.


The issue was standby_file_management parameter is set to MANUAL in standby database. It means what ever datafiles we add in primary, those files won’t be replicated in standby. We need to add them manually. So when we added the file in primary, that file was not getting recognized by standby and created as unnamed file.



Follow Below steps:


Cancel the recovery:



[STANDBY]Find the unnamed file in standby.


As per the alert log, the problem is with FILE#382



[PRIMARY]Check the actual file_name for FILE#382 in PRIMARY.



[STANDBY]Recreate the unnamed datafile in standby to give it same name as that of primary.



[STANDBY]Now change the file_management to AUTO in standby:



[STANDBY]Start the recovery