By using network_link parameter, we can directly import the data from source database to target database without generating the dump file. This will need a database link between source and target db . Lets’ see the below example.


Objective – Export table dbatest.EMP_TAB from SOURCEDB and import in TARGETDB using network link.

1. Add the tnsentry of SOURCEDB in TARGETDB server. [ ON TARGETDB]

2. Create the database link pointing to SOURCEDB [ ON TARGETDB]

3. Create a directory for the logfile. [ ON TARGETDB]

4. Run impdp command on TARGETDB


impdp directory={DIRECTORY_NAME} logfile=test.log tables={TABE_NAME} network_link={DB_LINK_NAME}

impdp directory=DUNNING logfile=test.log tables=dbatest.EMP_TAB network_link=SOURCE

We have succefully imported(migrated) the table, without generating the export dump.