We can use below sql query to find the current sessions or queries generating lot of logs


set lines 2000
 set pages 1000
 col sid for 99999
 col name for a09
 col username for a14
 col PROGRAM for a21
 col MODULE for a25
 select s.sid,sn.SERIAL#,n.name, round(value/1024/1024,2) redo_mb, sn.username,sn.status,substr (sn.program,1,21) "program", sn.type, sn.module,sn.sql_id
 from v$sesstat s join v$statname n on n.statistic# = s.statistic#
 join v$session sn on sn.sid = s.sid where n.name like 'redo size' and s.value!=0 order by
 redo_mb desc;