The Manager process must be running on both Source and target systems. The Manager process starts Oracle GoldenGate processes, performs trail management, and starts dynamic processes.Oracle GoldenGate Installation has one manager process which supports multiple Extract and Replicat processes. We can simply say. without starting the manager we can’t start any of the golden gate processs like extract, datapump, replicate

All the below manager setup need to be done on both source and target system.

Go to golden gate directory and create the manager param file.



PORT: parameter defines on which port the manager process will run on the local system. Default port is 7809. PORT is the only required Manager parameter.GGSCI uses this port to request Manager to start processes.


DYNAMICPORTLIST : is used to specify 256 unreserved, unrestricted ports for dynamic TCP/IP communications between the source and target systems. The Collector, Extract, Replicat will use these ports. Collector port will be started on 7840 if this parameter is not specified and if 7840 is not available then Manager Increments by and starts it on the available port.



AUTOSTART: is used to start the Extract & Replicat processes when manager starts.

Syntax: AUTOSTART {ER | EXTRACT | REPLICAT} {group name | wildcard}

AUTORESTART is used to start the Extract & Replicat processes after abnormal termination.


AUTORESTART {ER | EXTRACT | REPLICAT} {group name | wildcard}

[, RETRIES <max retries>]

[, WAITMINUTES <wait minutes>]

[, RESETMINUTES <reset minutes>]


PURGEOLDEXTRACTS: is a Trail Maintenance parameter. This parameter is used to purge trail files when Oracle GoldenGate has finished processing them. No purging is performed without this parameter, and this may lead to the consumption of significant disk space.

This parameter is recommended to use in the Manager Parameter file rather than using it in Extract or Replicat parameter files because you can manage trail files in a centralized fashion when multiple processes are configured.


When PURGEOLDEXTRACT is used with USECHECKPOINTS clause, it will ensure that until all processes have finished using the datacontained in the trail files, they will not be deleted


If using Oracle GoldenGate DDL support, specify the Manager user and password with the

USERID parameter.


Start the manager process: