In this article , we will explain the steps for applying patch Database Jan 2018 Release Update (DB RU) on oracle 12.2 database.

Beginning in July 2017, Oracle has transitioned to a more flexible and responsive strategy for the database software release process. These changes only affect Database and Grid Infrastructure release 12.2 or later.

Environment details:

os platform – solaris sparc 64 bit

db version – oracle 12.2

db_name – POCDB

1. Download the required patch from metalink:

patch id – 27105253


2. Download the latest opatch tool:

download link – 6880880



3. Install the new opatch


4. Unzip the patch file and check conflict with existing inventory(


Now we will will proceed with patch apply process. For this all processes(database,listeners) running from the ORACLE_HOME , need to be stopped.

5. Shutdown database and listener:

You can check there are still any active process with below command.

7. Apply the patch:

patch apply on binary succeeded.

8. start the database and listener.

9. Run the post patch script using datapatch tool

10. Check the registry table for patch status


1. Prereq “checkActiveFilesAndExecutables” for patch 27105253 failed.

While applying patch, if still few of the processes are running from ORACLE_HOME, then opatch apply will fail with this error.

— Find the active process.

Now retry the opatch apply operation.

2. UtilSession failed: Prerequisite check “CheckMinimumOPatchVersion” failed.

If you are using old opatch utility , then it will throw this error.

As mentioned in the article, download and install the latest opatch utility from oracle support . Then retry the same opatch apply operation.