Below are the steps for adding a new table to the existing extract and replicat. In this example, we will add DBACLASS.SAL table to existing replication.

1.stop extract and pump process [ SOURCE]

2. STOP replicat:[ TARGET ]

confirm that lag is zero i.e replicat consumed all the transactions.

As LAG command reports that no more records to process(i.e lag is zero), we can stop the replicat also.

3. Enable supplemental logging for the tables, that need to be added [ SOURCE].

4. Include the table in extract param file:[ SOURCE ]

Add the line TABLE DBACLASS.SAL; in parameter file.

5. Include the table in extract pump file: [ SOURCE]

Add the line TABLE DBACLASS.SAL; in pump parameter file.

6 . start the extract: [ SOURCE ]

7. Start the extract pump: [ SOURCE ]

8. Now do the initial loading:

Here for initial loading, take export dump of the table that we are adding and import in target database.

Copy the dump to target host and import.

scp oracle@172.38.342.29:/archive/dump/initload.dmp .

9. Update the replicat parameter file with handlecollisions parameter: [ TARGET]


10 . Start the replicat and wait for the lag to be cleared.[TARGET]

Wait till this lag is cleared( lag command will report as At EOF, no more records to process.)

11. Remove the HANDLECOLLISIONS from the replicat parameter file and restart the replicat[TARGET]

As the lag is cleared, remove the handlecollision parameter and restart the replicat.

With these steps, we have added a new table successfully to the existing extract and replicat.