How to install oracle 12c on Linux

Download the 12c software from edelivery :  EDELIVERY LINK   You can refer below oracle doc for installing required rpm packages and setting kernel parameters depending upon os platform ( RHEL 5/6/7) Once prerequisites are completed , start runInstaller.     Now you can proceed with multitenant database creation :

How to create a multi tenant database in oracle 12c

If you haven’t installed 12C ORACLE_HOME, then below the below link. Install oracle database 12c software Once installation is done, Let’s create one container database(CDB) with 2 pluggable database (PDBs). $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbca         Here we will create one container database with 2 Pluggeble databases.         Configure Enterprise manager     […]

truncate table with cascade feature1 in oracle 12c

In oracle 12c TRUNCATE TABLE CASCADE will truncate its child tables, if ON DELETE CASCADE relationship is present on child table. Create one parent and child table with some data

You can check the child table details using : Get child table details  

– Truncate the parent table with cascade option:


Invisible column in oracle 12c

We have invisible indexes in oracle 11g. But in oracle 12c we invisible column was introuduced.   DEMO:   Lets create a normal table:

Make a column invisible:

  Now the column “NAME” is invisible to application. And we if create another table from this table, then invisible column won’t be created.   […]

LOGTIME=ALL parameter in datapump of oracle 12c

LOGTIME :Specifies that messages displayed during export operations be timestamped. It has been introduced in oracle 12c. Valid keyword values are: ALL, [NONE], LOGFILE and STATUS.   EXAMPLE:

views_as_tables parameter in datapump of oracle 12c

 VIEWS_AS_TABLES parameter has been introduced in datapump of 12c. With this we can export a view at source database and import as table in target database. Create a view:

  Take export of this view as table using views_as_tables parameter:  

  Now drop the view and import the same from the export […]

How to Import data with nologgin option in oracle 12c

A new feature has been added in datapump of oracle 12c. We can import data with nologgin option i.e without generating logs. We sometimes face issue while importing big tables, as it generates lot of archive logs. TRANSFORM=DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING:Y – This parameter can be used to make the impdp nologging.   check the archive status before […]

How to archive table rows in oracle 12c

In oracle 12c a new feature called In-Database Archiving has been introduced. With this we can archive specific rows of a table as per our requirement. This is very helpful,when table contains lot of historical data and for full scan it is taking a lot of time.Using this we can archive the historical data. We […]

how to use DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE to capture privs in oracle 12c

DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE: ————————- Oracle 12c introduced the DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE package, which helps us in doing privilege analyze and find report on used and unused privileges. In order to use the DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE package you must be granted the CAPTURE_ADMIN role. steps involve: —————- CREATE_CAPTURE ENABLE_CAPTURE DISABLE_CAPTURE( after waiting for necessary time) GENERATE_RESULT DROP_CAPTURE Though there are 4 options […]

Upgrade database from 11g to 12c manually

A database can be upgraded either using DBUA or manual method. But for major production databases, it is better to do it manually, so that troubleshooting will be easy. Here we will provide steps for upgrading from 11gr2 to 12c database manually. Before starting the upgrade make sure Oracle 12c database binary already installed on […]

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