Partitioning New features in Oracle 12c

Below are the partitioning enhancements that has been introduced in Oracle 12c version. 1. Online partition move: From oracle 12c, we can move partitions online without blocking the DML statements during that time.

— To maintain global indexes

— Moving to another tablespace:

2. Adding multiple partitions with One command:

3. […]

RMAN active cloning in oracle 12C

            RMAN active is one of cloning method used to clone a database on target host without taking backup of the source database.  Make sure that source database is in archivelog mode. Below are the steps. NOTE: In 11g, RMAN active cloning is done during image copy( which includes unused […]

Restore missing datafile in standby database oracle 12c

        In oracle 12c, if datafile is missing is standby database, then it can be restored easily from primary database using RESTORE DATAFILE FROM SERVICE command. This is one of the new feature of dataguard 12c .    DEMO: PRIMDB – Primary database STYDB – Standby database Check status of primary and […]

Rolling forward standby database when archives missing in primary in 12c

                                  There can be situation , in dataguard setup, where archive logs are missing from primary , before it was being shipped to standby  . Till 11g , we can make standby db sync with primary by taking an incremental […]

GRANT READ PRIVILEGE – Oracle 12c new feature

                                                A new privilege GRANT READ privilege has been introduced in oracle 12c . While the function of GRANT READ privilege is almost same as that of GRANT SELECT privilege, but with a difference […]

How to open the PDBS automatically when CDB restarts

              In oracle 12c , when we startup the CDB, the PDBS will be in MOUNTED stage. We need to open them manually using alter pluggable PDB open. To make the PDBS open automatically, we can use the saved state option . This feature is available from Oracle  onwards  […]

Convert non CDB database to PDB database in oracle 12c

     Below are steps for converting a non CDB/PDB database to PDB database in oracle. i.e Plugging a normal 12c non pdb database to a container database.   READ more about CDB and PDB: Oracle 12c Multitenent architecture  DEMO: NON-CDB DB -NAME -> NONCDB CDB DB NAME -> DBATEST Prerequisites:  Make sure One container […]

Cross platform migration using transportable tablespace 12c with zero downtime

     In oracle 12c, transportable tablespace feature has been enhanced a lot. We can do cross platform migration using this feature with zero downtime.  This method uses both RMAN and datapump utility . The first step will take a full backup of the script, when the tablespaces are online and restore the same in […]

Upgrade database using OEM 12C cloud control

 We can upgrade an oracle database using OEM 12c cloud control also.  Here I will show how to upgrade database from to .  Note – Make sure that ORACLE_HOME is installed.  SOURCE ORACLE_HOME( – /oracle/app/oracle/product/12.1.0 TARGET ORACLE_HOME(  – /oracle/app/oracle/product/   Enable Flashback: Before starting the upgrade, Enable flashback in the database, so […]

ORA-600:[kpdbModAdminPasswdInRoot: Not CDB]

                          While changing the password of internal oracle users in oracle 12c , after it got expired, you may get error as below.   ORA-600:[kpdbModAdminPasswdInRoot: Not CDB] SQL> connect system/oracle ERROR: ORA-28001: the password has expired Changing password for system New password: Retype […]

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