Rollback database patch in oracle 12c

In this article , we will provide steps for rolling back a patch in non-rac standalone database. PATCH TO BE ROLLED BACK – 27105253 – Database Jan 2018 Release Update (DB RU)

Prereq check failed – The database must be in upgrade mode

   From 12c onwards, after applying patch, as part of post patching activity, we need to run datapatch utility. If you have applied javam patch in the ORACLE_HOME, then while running datapatch you w...

ORA-20013: DBMS_QOPATCH ran mostly in non install area

             While running datapatch tool in Oracle 12c, as part of post patching got ORA-20013 error. Use below steps to solve the issue. Problem: [crayon-5cbe714547886761342540/]   Solut...

How to apply JVM patch in oracle 12c database

                  Below are the steps for applying JVM patch in oracle 12c database.   Steps 1 : Download the respective patch from oracle support  and unzip it in the server. unzip 215...

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