How to deinstall oracle client

              We can deinstall oracle client by runnning the deinstall tool provided by oracle client software. [oracle@bt-Prov-devst1 client_1]$ cd deinstall/ [oracle@bt-Prov-devst1 deinstall]$ ls -ltr total 92 -rwxr-xr-x. 1 oracle oinstall 32343 Dec 16 2009 -rw-r–r–. 1 oracle oinstall 409 Aug 18 2010 readme.txt -rw-r–r–. 1 oracle oinstall 3466 […]

How to find long running queries

Use below script to find the long running queries in your database.


How to drop a private database link From sys

As we know, the private db_links can be dropped only by the owner of the database_link.  But you don’t have the password that db_link owner, then there is a workaround for that.

Now create one procedure under scoot user:


How to create database link without modifying the tnsnames.ora

            Suppose you want to create a database_link, but you don’t have the privilege to modify the tnsname entry. In that case you can create the database_link directly using tns description.

Much easier one is the below. No need to write the complete tns description also.

How to create a database manually

An oracle database can be created either using Manually or using DBCA( GUI Method).  But few organizations recommend to use manual method for creating database. Here I have provided steps for creating database Manually with installation of differnt optional components. Before creating an oracle database, Make sure oracle database software is installed. REFER –  Steps […]

create database link from oracle to sql server

Creating a database link from oracle to oracle database is easy. But setting up db_link from oracle to mssql server isn’t straight forward. We need to do odbc setup. Its knows as heterogeneous db_link.  We can achive this either by using third party odbc drivers or using oracle provided gateways utility. Here in this article […]

How to connect to another user without knowing the password in oracle

Suppose  you want to do some activity under another user, But you don’t know the password of that user. Then how you will do it? There is a way you can do it.  See the below demo. Suppose a user TEST1 wants to connect to TEST2 user and create a table and we don’t know […]

How to deinstall and install XDB component

Follow below steps for deinstalling XDB component:  


   SecureFiles = YES or NO (If YES is specified, the XDB repository will use SecureFile storage. If NO is specified, LOBS will be used. To use SecureFiles, compatibility must be set to 11.2. The tablespace specified for the XDB […]

How to create synonym for a schema

 Usually we create synonym for table. But can we really create synonym for a schema?   Yes, there is an undocumented parameter  _enable_schema_synonyms oracle which enables this feature. Check the parameter status and make it true.  

Now Lets say you have a schema named ORA and you want to create synonym for that […]

How to enable/disable archive log mode in oracle database

   There are 2 types of logging mode in oracle database.   1. Archivelog mode In this mode, after the online redo logs are filled , it will move to archive location 2. Noarchivelog mode In this mode, filled online redo logs wont be archives, instead they will be overwritten.   Enable archive log mode: […]

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