Oracle goldengate

1. Introduction to Oracle goldengate

2. Goldengate architecture

3. installing goldengate 11v/12v

4. deinstalling goldengate

5. configuring manager process

6. Initial loading methods

6. setting up extract and replicate for online sync.

6. different case studies for goldengate replication

7. use of defgen utility

8. use of ggheader for capturing the timestamp 

9. DDL replication

10. DML replication( table,schema level)

11. conditional replication

12. monitoring goldengate processs.

13. Upgrading goldengate

14. Troubleshooting goldengate

15. Queries??


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5 thoughts on “Oracle goldengate”

  1. They provided a very good training to me. I really liked it. The faculty explained the goldengate setup with real time case studies.
    It’s worth the investement i made. Now i am able to do the replication in my project. Planning for taking the dataguard and backup recovery training also.

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