How to find cpu and memory information of oracle database server

Below script is useful in getting CPU, memory and core, socket information of a database server from SQL prompt. SCRIPT: [crayon-5c40cee7474c6558366750/] OUTPUT: [crayon-5c40cee7474ce857263417/]

Find sessions consuming lot of CPU

Use below query to find the sessions using a lot of CPU. [crayon-5c40cee747c2b786343361/]

Get ospid from sid

Below is the script to find the os server process id of a SID. [crayon-5c40cee747e99331133109/] SEE ALSO – Get sid from ospid

Get hourly database growth report

Below script will generate the database size for past few days(per hour) [crayon-5c40cee748100953164758/]

Find sessions holding library cache lock

Below are the scripts for finding the sessions holding libary cache lock: For standalone db: [crayon-5c40cee748391929421000/] For RAC DB: [crayon-5c40cee748397393393312/] or [crayon-5c40cee74839a05243...

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