Tablespace monitoring in oracle 12c multitenant database.

           You can use this script to check tablespace space details in 12c Multitenant database. It will provide information of both root CDB and PDB.


Oracle 12c multitenant architecture

                         The most prominent feature of oracle 12c is its multitenant feature. We can use oracle 12c as normal database as that of previous version. But if you want to use multitenant, you need to have separate license for this.   So, if you […]

How to unplug and plug in pluggable database in oracle 12c

We can unplug the pluggable database from existing CDB and Plug it in a different CDB or in the same CDB, depending upon the required. While plugging you can keep the pdb name same as before or can give a different name. DEMO: Here i will unplug ORCL pdb and then plug it into the […]

Rman backup in multitenant database oracle 12c

With multitenant feature introduced in oracle 12c, New commands are there for taking rman backup of pluggable database and root container database. Backup of complete container( ROOT + ALL PDBS )

Taking backup of particular pluggable database:(backup pluggable database ORCL;)

Backup of only root container:

Backup of tablespace of pluggable database(by connecting […]

ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING in oracle 12c

This  ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING parameter has been introduced in oracle 12c. If this ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING is enabled,then DDL records are written to the ADR. All DDL operations like alter/create/drop/truncate objects. Only drop user will be logged, But create user will not be. Enable the parameter:

Do some DDL operations:

    Check the log:   cd /u02/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/cdborcl/cdborcl/log/ddl […]

How to rename a pluggable database ( PDB)

We can easily rename a pluggable database. Follow below steps. Start the PDB with restrict mode

Rename the pdb

Restart the PDB

How to clone a pluggable database for existing PDB

In this article we will clone a pluggable database from existing PDB ( PROD), residing on the same container. First start the PDB in read only , which need to be cloned.

Connect to the container and clone the pluggable:

Now make the existing PDB ( PROD) from read only to read write: […]

How to create a pluggable database in oracle 12c

We can create a pluggable database in an existing multitenant database either using dbca or manually. Here we will show how to do it manually.   STEPS: Connect to the container database:(ROOT)  

While creating PDB if you don’t mention FILE_NAME_CONVERT paramter then below error will come

Create PDB:(correct command)

How to install oracle 12c on Linux

Download the 12c software from edelivery :  EDELIVERY LINK   You can refer below oracle doc for installing required rpm packages and setting kernel parameters depending upon os platform ( RHEL 5/6/7) Once prerequisites are completed , start runInstaller.     Now you can proceed with multitenant database creation :

How to create a multi tenant database in oracle 12c

If you haven’t installed 12C ORACLE_HOME, then below the below link. Install oracle database 12c software Once installation is done, Let’s create one container database(CDB) with 2 pluggable database (PDBs). $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbca         Here we will create one container database with 2 Pluggeble databases.         Configure Enterprise manager     […]

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